Built in the late 1970’s, the Meathouse started out as a one-room building that housed a walk in cooler, wood burning stove,  kitchen sink and butcher table.  Each year my family would butcher a hog and make sausage.  We would take the meat into the house to process it and over the years this little shack became known as the Meathouse.  In 1981, my parents had their first Christmas Eve Morning Breakfast for a few of their friends.  Cooked on a wood burning stove, these friends would enjoy a country Christmas breakfast of biscuits, eggs, grits, ham and Rocky Top sausage.  This tradition continued for 31 years for which the last 25 years welcomed well over 100 of their friends for breakfast.  I once overheard one of my parent’s friends say that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t come to Rocky Top for the Christmas Eve Morning  breakfast.  That is a true testament to the type of parents I was blessed to have.

The Meathouse has had four additions over the years.  The kitchen has two stoves, a microwave, refrigerator and commercial sink.  We still have the wood burning stove but only use it for family events.  The Meathouse has enough seating for 65 people and room for extra tables and chairs to be brought in if needed.  There is a wood burning fireplace, couches, recliners and a 50-inch flat screen TV with Direct TV access.  The Meathouse has wall unit air conditioning, gas floor heaters and three bathrooms.  The Meathouse makes a great place for a rehearsal dinner and will be utilized on the day of the wedding for the Groom and Groomsman to get ready in and for the wedding party to relax in before the festivities begin.